The Absurdity Collections

By Robert J Aragon & Rodrigo Guerrero Suarez

From Here to Absurdity

From Here to Absurdity - it's closer than you think. It's been said that the ordinary is but one step away from the absurd. It is with delight and a sense of irreverence that we take that step in this collection.

Picture this: A velodrome packed to capacity, with the starting judge, pistol waving in the air, about to fire, and the cyclists at the ready, regaled in their competitive attire, sitting atop... exercycles.

Or visualize a line of cars waiting to enter the torrential spray of the car wash with the occupant of the car next in line fiddling with his radio, while sitting in a convertible with the top down.

Absurdities are also born out of time warps, as when a Neanderthal, pointer in hand, lectures students in an art appreciation class on the finer points of a cave painting.

Then there are the imagined heresies, as when we see and endless stream of tourists trampling on and utterly defiling Frost's sacrosanct Road Less Traveled.

Animal humor is a staple of every Sunday comics section and nearly every cartoon collection. We are tickled at the absurdity of animals acting out our human roles as lawyers, scientists, doctors and politicians. We can only imagine what is going through the mind of two couch-potato rats as they hear 30s film icon Cagney yelling, "You dirty rat!"

Less common are cartoons depicting humans reflecting animal behavior, as when Columbus "scent marks" to establish the Spanish Crown's possession of Hispaniola.

We can only hope that our readers redeem one tenth of the fun we've had in creating these cartoons.

Robert J Aragon
Rodrigo Guerrero Suarez
March 2011
Los Angeles, California

"I'll See You In Court!"

That legendary simple country lawyer turned US Senator, the late Sam Irvin of North Carolina, said that an ounce of humor is worth a ton of erudition. That aphorism has the ring of truth about it. Humor also has an inoffensive, non-threatening way of illuminating our foibles, our inner-most vanities and our imperfections.

The best kind of humor is that which takes an ordinary, everyday event and reveals its latent absurdity by tilting it ever so slightly to one side or another, or by using substitution or exaggeration, or even playful heresy.

This collection does not focus on lawyers because they are more vulnerable to the weightless arrows of humor than are doctors, businessmen, eminent statesmen, politicians or even our cultural luminaries.  Lawyers are no different from these other professionals or the rest of us.

When humor is good natured, as is our intention, it can humble us without humiliating us; it can prevent us from taking ourselves too seriously and even make us laugh at ourselves.  In short, it can be good for the soul.  This is the spirit in which this and future collections poking fun at other professionals have been conceived and rendered.

A personal note: Though I found my MBA-driven business career both rewarding and fulfilling, there has always been a part of me that would have loved the life of the Law.

Robert J Aragon
March 2011
Los Angeles, California

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